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Interested in volunteering? Send us an email using the form below, or call Sharon Turano at:  716-945-1041, Ext. 152.

Dear Potential Volunteer,

Have you faced situations in your life where you were fearful of being evicted and left homeless, unable to pay utility bills, having to make a choice between the purchase of food or medications, or in a relationship where your partner is abusive? If the answer to any of these questions or others related to it is yes,  then you have lived through the horrors of feeling helpless. If you have not experienced these situations, you are probably unaware of the devastation it creates for individuals and families.

Why should you consider volunteering at CCA? The obvious answer is that you  have an interest in helping those less fortunate in our community. It means  that you will consider giving one of your most valuable possessions – your time -along with your talents, work and life experiences toward assisting the neediest  individuals and families in our backyard.

Volunteers of the 21st century have expectations and requirements that they expect to be met by the organization they agree to volunteer for. Families and  young professionals have many demands on their time, so they are judicious in  selecting where they can “give back.” Volunteers want flexibility, along with being able to think outside the box of the organization, hi-tech ways to get the job done, have no tolerance for incompetence, and want to see accomplishments.  Lastly, they do not just want to contribute – THEY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! As the volunteer coordinator, I can assure you that these are the  hallmarks of our volunteer program at Cattaraugus Community Action.

CCA is committed to making the volunteer experience one that is rewarding to the individual and enhances and enriches our team efforts to help those in need  to help themselves.

There are a myriad of volunteer opportunities in every division of CCA, and we invite you to visit our agency, tour, and chat with me regarding your possible interest. There is no pressure, just the sharing of information. I will end by stating that your volunteerism at an anti-poverty agency, such as Cattaraugus Community Action, goes far beyond a contribution – you will be making a difference in the prevention and eradication of poverty and abuse in our community and ultimately society as a whole.

Thank You,
Sharon Turano
Volunteer Coordinator

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