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 Cattaraugus Community Action’s Youth & Family Division is committed to providing unified, strength-based solutions that are family driven and in  collaboration with local resources, which empower families in need to succeed.  By providing preventive outcome-based and goal-driven programs, we provide opportunities for families to achieve safety, permanency, and well-being.

Families and Schools Together (FAST Program):

School-based and family-based approach to out-of-home placement of at-risk youth in all school districts throughout Cattaraugus County.  Referrals are generated from the Juvenile Needs Task Force.

Attendance Support Program (Truancy Prevention):

Cattaraugus Community Action has partnered with Olean City Schools, Gowanda Central, Cattaraugus-Little Valley Schools, and the Cattaraugus County Department of Social Services to address the issues of truancy and tardiness by working with the students, educating parents and guardians, and assisting the school system in establishing Attendance Support Teams and guidelines.

Family Group Conferencing:

This program, currently offered by Cattaraugus Community Action and Parent Education Program, involves a strength-based approach for families and others to come together to make a plan for their child(ren) to keep them safe and provide permanency.  It enables children to strengthen relationships and vital attachments with family, community, and culture.  During the conference, an information sharing time is spent with the family and other key supports (either personal or professional), who review the family strengths and concerns and exchange information.  The family then spends time to discuss and make a plan of their own.  The plan is then discussed, and DSS agrees with the plan as long as it keeps the child(ren) and is in his/her (their) best interest.

CPS Contract Cases:

Referrals are received from Child Protective Services throughout the county.  The program focuses on a family’s strengths, rather than the CPS report.  The goals of the program are to prevent the need for future CPS involvement, help families develop neighborhood and community-based supports, and to engage the families who are experiencing challenges early, and provide support to build family resiliency.

3rd Party Service Plan Reviews:

Contracted by the Department of Social Services, CCA serves as an independent reviewer/facilitator for child welfare cases where service plans are required to assure the safety, permanency, and well-being of children.  The 3rd Party Reviewer is responsible for scheduling, facilitating, and monitoring that plans and recommendations are being made and services are being documented.

School/Home/Community Liaison:

Partnership between Olean City School District and the Community Schools Program with CCA.  The Liaison is available, by referral, to provide specialized services for the Olean Community Schools programs in relation to parents, students, school staff, and the community at large.  Primarily, referrals are made to assist families in a time of need by meeting with them and connecting them to services in the community.  In addition, the Liaison plans and schedules family engagement activities, both large events and small group workshop-type classes for those within the Olean City School District.

Youth Advocates Salamanca High School:

Partnership with Salamanca High School to form an “Alliance.”  The intent of Alliance is to encourage student engagement, college preparedness, and to improve student academics, behavior and attendance.  Youth Advocates network closely with school staff, families, and the community in hopes to provide students with resources they need to be successful, including, but not limited to, daily mentorship, monthly family contacts, incentive-based enrichments, job readiness education, and community service.

Home Visiting Program:

An in-home parenting program that provides parenting skills and structure in a one-on-one setting.  This program addresses safety and risks in the home and works on identifying goals within the family.  Referrals for this program are made by the Cattaraugus County Department of Social Services and other agencies within the County of Cattaraugus.

Parenting Workshop:

A seven-week parenting class that uses the Active Parenting Model.  Parenting skills are taught in classroom/group settings.  If interested in attending or learning more about the Parenting Workshop, you may contact Cattaraugus Community Action and ask for the Parent-Aide Programs.


Programming assists Cattaraugus County caseworkers in addressing safety issues and concerns within the home setting.  Pop-In visits are unannounced visits that occur at various times to ensure needs and goals of the family are being met.

Supervised Visitation:

Arrangements are set up by Cattaraugus County, enabling non-custodial parents to have access to their children in a safe environment.  Supervised visits are utilized as a safety measure to ensure that children are safe, while also allowing parents to build relationships with their children.  Parenting skills and support are provided to both the parents and the children during the visits.

New Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood Initiative: Testimonials

This initiative is designed to help fathers and those in a father-like role improve their economic stability, develop and maintain healthy relationships, and develop/improve responsible parenting skills.  The focus of the group is to promote fatherhood and the importance of being a positive role model for children.  The group is open to any male who plays a role in a child’s life (Father, Step-Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Friend).

Safe Harbour/CSEC:

A systems-level, trauma-informed approach to the prevention and identification of, and service provision to survivors of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and child trafficking.  This collaborative program leverages existing local resources to create a more effective and efficient coordinated response to youth who have been identified as survivors and those considered at-risk.  CCA’s role is to provide awareness and trainings.  The CAC (Child Advocacy Center) provides direct service.  Collaboration between Cattaraugus Community Action, Inc., Cattaraugus County Department of Social Services, and the Child Advocacy Center.

Learning Technology Staff Specialist Program:

Learning Technology Staff Facilitator is contracted through the Olean City Schools, whereas the facilitator develops models for personalized learning through technology for Special Education, Title I and Liberty Partnership students.  The program also assists a pilot group of teachers to test the learning models and explore various academic support software options to integrate technology into the classroom over a three year period.

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